Cheapest University in Malaysia

Cheapest University in Malaysia

The cost of higher education is rising in lockstep with the cost of living. As a result, it’s no surprise that people opt to work immediately after graduating from high school because they cannot afford a university degree.

However, you have the option of studying abroad, where the fees are lower than in your home nation. For example, did you know that in Malaysia, college fees are only $500 per year?

Because Universiti Malaysia Pahang is a state-funded institution, you can only spend that amount per year.

We’ve compiled a list of seven low-cost universities in Malaysia where you can pursue your university degree. Please go over each one carefully. What are the chances? We might be able to persuade you to attend one of these universities.

Here is a list of the Cheapest universities in Malaysia

1. Universiti Malaysia Pahang


International Students: $500

In 2015, the Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) was awarded autonomous status as a state-funded technical university. It now has complete control over its administration, human resources, and financial affairs.
The Malaysian government began it in 2002 with His Majesty Yang DiPertuan Agong’s Royal Decree.

Its research focuses on industrial and applied research projects to enrich learning and teaching processes, as well as to promote the commercialization of its products.

The Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, and the Center for Modern Languages and Human Sciences are all located on the university’s main campus in Pekan.

2. Universiti Malaysia Perlis


International Students: $1,000

UniMAP (Universiti Malaysia Perlis) is a public university in Perlis, Malaysia’s smallest state. In 2001, it became the 17th government-funded university. With 119 pupils, the first lessons began in June 2002. It now offers 37 undergraduate programs, 32 graduate degrees, and six diploma programs. It also has campuses in 30 different sites throughout Perlis.

3. Universiti Malaysia Sabah


International Students: $2,000

The Universiti Malaysia Sabah was created in 1994 as the government’s ninth state-funded academic institution for higher learning. The following year, however, it began with 205 pupils. It currently has three campuses in Labuan, Sandakan, and Kota Kinabalu, all of which are located in the Federal Territory of Labuan.

It also has pre-university, undergraduate, and postgraduate educational institutes and academic centers.

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