Cheapest Universities in Algeria With Tuition Fees

Cheapest Universities in Algeria With Tuition Fees

Every student wants an affordable university within his range of budget and also wants to attend the best university in any country of his choice to pursue his program, either at undergraduate levels or master’s or doctoral degrees, but discouragement does come when considering the high cost of studying at his or preferred country. The sure way would either be through scholarships, grants or internships as a means to beat the heavy cost of tuition fees slammed on prospective candidates, but this is usually minimal and highly competitive, especially for international students.  Thus the need for this detailed article on the list of cheapest universities you can study at in Algeria.

Algeria is a country in the Northern part of Africa, it’s one of the largest countries with 26 Universities and many higher education institutions. Arabic and French are the official language and are used in instruction.

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  1. Oran 1 University

Year of establishment – 1961

Location – Algiers city.

Average Tuition Fees – $600

Website –

Oran 1 University otherwise known as Es Senia university is located in Wilaya of Oran, Western Algeria. It transformed from being a part of Algiers university to becoming a separate full-fledged independent university on the 20th of December, 1967.

Available programs are Pharmacy, Nursing, Medical science, Business administration, medicine and Surgery, Food science, marine and continental hydrobiology, biotechnology, Sciences, Arts, and Archeology.

 University of Bejaia

Year of establishment – 1983

Location – Algiers.

Average Tuition Fees – $706

Website –

Named after a Bejaia region native in 1959 as one of the heroes of Algeria’s independence war. The language of instructions is French, Arabic, and the local language (Berber).

Available programs are History, Philosophy, Theology, Language, Arts and Humanities, Engineering and Technology, physical science, Law, psychology, life sciences, clinical health, and social science.


  1. Mohammed Boudiaf University of M’sila

Year of establishment – 1985

Location – M’sila

Average Tuition Fees – $745

Website –

This is a government-owned university and the most multidisciplinary higher institution in Algeria which gained a university in 2001 with modern infrastructure and affordable education for international students. Seven faculties are available on the school campus which are the Faculty of science, the faculty of Mathematics and computer, the faculty of Law and Political Science, the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Letters and languages, the faculty of Humanities, and the Faculty of Social Science.

  1. Abdulhamid Ibn Badis University of Mostaganem

Year of establishment – 1969

Location – Mostaganem

Average Tuition Fees – $760

Website –

It is a government-owned university located in Mostaganem metropolitan, it’s a considerably an old university but with modern infrastructure with affordable education both on campus and off campus. Requirements for undergraduates are A’ levels certificate.

Available programs are Agronomy, International sports management, Plants and animal production, Soil and water, Toxicology, Nursing, Technology, and Engineering.

  1. University of Béchar

Year of establishment – 1986

Location – Béchar

Average Tuition Fees – $798

Website –

University of Béchar being the largest university in Southwest Algeria is prestigious and competitive. The strategy of the university is regarded as a training offering developed around key principles of improving the readability of the curriculum, disciplining, and across the consideration of the diversity of audiences.

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