Caritas University School fees for 2023

Caritas University School fees for the 2023 academic session

Caritas University management and Authorities have released School fees payable by students depending on their Programs for the 2023 academic session.

The information below on this page is for prospective candidates or anyone who is interested in knowing more about the school. The school fees have been carefully arranged for you and I hope you will be satisfied with them.

The school like some other institutions gives her students the opportunity of paying in installments twice in a semester putting in mind the students that cannot pay the school fees once per semester. This great citadel is cheap compared to other private institution and still offer installment opportunities, Congratulations!

For payment, procedure visit the official website

Caritas University School fees for the 2023 academic session.

Programs or Courses First Semester Second Semester Total per session
Chemical Engineering N242,500.00 N147,500.00 N390,000.00
Computer Engineering N242,500.00 N147,500.00 N390,000.00
Electrical & Electronics Engineering N242,500.00 N147,500.00 N390,000.00
Mechanical Engineering N242,500.00 N147,500.00 N390,000.00
Architecture N210,000.00 N115,000.00 N325,000.00
Estate Management N145,000.00 N74,500.00 N220,000.00
Urban & Regional Planning N145,000.00 N74,500.00 N220,000.00
Accountancy N208,500.00 N113,500.00 N322,000.00
Administration N208,500.00 N113,500.00 N322,000.00
Economics N208,500.00 N113,500.00 N322,000.00
Mass Communication N208,500.00 N113,500.00 N322,000.00
Political Science N208,500.00 N113,500.00 N322,000.00
Public Administration N208,500.00 N113,500.00 N322,000.00
Banking and Finance N145,000.00 N74,500.00 N220,000.00
English Language N145,000.00 N74,500.00 N220,000.00
Industrial Relations & Personnel Management N145,000.00 N74,500.00 N220,000.00
Marketing N145,000.00 N74,500.00 N220,000.00
Psychology N145,000.00 N74,500.00 N220,000.00
Sociology N145,000.00 N74,500.00 N220,000.00
Biochemistry N208,500.00 N113,500.00 N322,000.00
Computer Science N208,500.00 N113,500.00 N322,000.00
Industrial Chemistry N145,000.00 N74,500.00 N220,000.00
Microbiology N208,500.00 N113,500.00 N322,000.00
Mathematics and Statistics N145,000.00 N74,500.00 N220,000.00
JUPEB PROGRAMME N170,000.00 N170,000.00
PRE-DEGREE PROGRAMME N170,000.00 N170,000.00


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