Animal Husbandry Waec Practical Answers 2024

Animal Husbandry Waec Practical Answers 2024


(i) Nitrogen (N)

(ii) Phosphorus (P)

(iii) Potassium (K)


=Nitrogen (N)=

– Promotes leaf growth and development

– Essential for protein synthesis

– Necessary for chlorophyll production

=Phosphorus (P)=

– Important for root development and growth

– Necessary for flower and fruit formation

– Involved in energy transfer and storage

=Potassium (K)=

– Helps regulate water balance and transport

– Essential for stem and root growth

– Involved in photosynthesis and sugar production




(i) It appears as granules or pellets, often with a uniform size and color.

(ii) It has little to no smell

(iii) It provides a quick and readily available source of nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) to plants.



(i) Appears as a moist, irregularly shaped mass, usually dark brown or greenish in color.

(ii) It has a strong, pungent odor

(iii) It releases nutrients more slowly as it decomposes, providing a sustained source of organic matter and nutrients over time.







(i) Regular deworming

(ii) Proper sanitation and hygiene

(iii) Avoiding feeding uncooked or contaminated food

(iv) Treating infected animals promptly

(v) Rotating pastures to prevent re-infestation

(vi) Inspecting and managing intermediate hosts (e.g., control of fleas and lice)



(i) Weight loss

(ii) Diarrhea

(iii) Abdominal pain

(iv) Nutrient deficiency



(i) It is used in bedding and insulation

(ii) It is used as fashion accessories and clothing

(iii) It serves as craft and decorative items

(iv) It is used as writing instruments (quills)

(v) It is used in religious and cultural ceremonies

(vi) It is used as stuffing for pillows and mattresses

(vii) It is helpful in scientific research and educational purposes



(i) It is used for collecting and removing manure

(ii) It is used for spreading manure as fertilizer

(iii) It helps in maintaining clean and hygienic animal housing

(iv) It helps in preventing the spread of diseases

(v) It helps in enhancing pasture and soil quality through manure management


C: Guinea grass – Panicum maximum

D: Elephant grass – Pennisetum purpureum

E: Centrosema – Centrosema pubescens

F: Calopo – Calopogonium mucunoides


(i) It is a leguminous crop that fixes nitrogen, enriching the soil for other plants.

(ii) It is a good cover crop, preventing soil erosion and retaining soil moisture.

(iii) It is a nutritious forage crop for livestock, providing high-quality protein and energy.

(iv) It is a perennial crop, requiring less maintenance and re-seeding than annual crops.


(i) Harvesting crops (such as maize, sorghum, or grasses) at the optimal stage of maturity.

(ii) Chopping the crop into smaller pieces to increase the surface area.

(iii) Packing the chopped crop into a silo or container, removing as much air as possible.

(iv) Allowing the crop to ferment, which converts the sugars into lactic acid, preserving the silage.

(v) Sealing the silo or container to prevent air from entering and spoiling the silage.

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