774000 Recruitment in Nigeria 2022

774000 Recruitment in Nigeria 2022

President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the engagement of 774000 Nigerians for Special Public Works recruitment programme in Nigeria to cushion the effect of COVID-19 pandemic in 2022.


Special Public Works Department is one of the four (4) core programmes of the NDE. It seeks to identify and exploit employment opportunities that abound in the public works sector by organizing the skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled persons that are unemployed to carry out utility, environmental, infrastructural development and sanitation works.

The programme promotes mass employment strategies.

Whilst the workers would be largely UNSKILLED, we shall recruit a few skilled labours who would do specialized work like carpentry, painting, masonry etc, depending on the specific needs of some LGAs.

So it’s just mischievous for some to keep harping that we want to clear gutters

774000 Recruitment BENEFITS

N20,000 monthly allowance to the beneficiaries.

Why are we paying below the minimum wage?

The Special Works Programme has been used all over the world to reach out to unskilled workers in times of distress. In order to be successful with the programme, two things are important.

1. All other categories of workers must be discouraged from entry. One vital tool for achieving this is to compete within the market wage bracket for that category of worker.

This instantly discourages those who are not within that category. In countries where market wages are lower than the minimum wage, the wages of public work must be at the market wage level for it to effectively attract the right people.

2. The category of people the programme is designed for are largely agrarian and sometimes will have things to do in the morning or later in the evening on their farms or elsewhere. Things they have used to keep body and soul together. So the programme does not engage them like a regular job.

They are not the typical 8 to 5 with a coffee break in between. They work for fewer hours so they can still do the things they are used to as this is just a three months work like an internship.


  • 3 Months

• Drainage digging and clearance

• Irrigation canals clearance

• Rural feeder road maintenance

• Traffic control

• Street cleaning

• Cleaning of public infrastructures like Health Centres, Schools and the like.


Nigerians who lost their jobs due to the economic crisis.

How to Apply for 774, 000 Nigerians for Special Public Works Programme

For those who might be interested to be part of the recruitment and are asking for the process of application, we created this post specially to give you insight into how the recruitment is done.

The State Selection Committees would contact leaders in churches, mosques, motor parks, markets, palaces, neighbourhoods, etc to compile the names of those who ACTUALLY live in the localities. Their phone numbers would be public too so they can be contacted in their States.

Why we are using banks for recruitment?

The Special public work programme is designed to use all available electronic means of payment to Beneficiaries. No cash movement will be allowed. So banks must be involved.

Application is not online, as we cannot ask most of the persons we need who are largely illiterates, and itinerant workers to go on the internet & register for jobs through a portal, but we shall surely upload their full names & information AFTER RECRUITMENT on a website for all to see. The monitoring process would be very transparent.

Selected banks are to register and collate data of the beneficiaries. The banks will open accounts for all beneficiaries and in the process obtain BVN for those without accounts. Consequently, all payments would be made from the CBN directly to the accounts of the beneficiaries. The banks will also simultaneously register the participants for the Special Works Programme.

For more information: Visit specialpublicworks.gov.ng

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