?Diva‚ö°Testnet Airdrop?

?Diva‚ö°Testnet Airdrop?

?Total 1M $DIVA For All Testnet Participants

?By Completing 15 Tasks You’ll Earn 4500 Points (Multiplier Maxx 9000 Point’s)

?The More Points You Collect , More $DIVA Token You’ll Get

?Full Guide & Points Detail : https://www.divaprotocol.io/posts/diva-testnet-announcement

?How To Join Testnet :

~ Join Discord >


‚úćGo To #TestnetChannel & Send /Register YourETHAddress

‚úćType /claim-test-assets To Recieve $dUSD Testnet Token

?Get Ropsten ETH Faucet : https://faucet.egorfine.com/


?Test App Here : https://app.diva.finance/tasks

– Complete All 15 Tasks

?Guide How To Complete 15 Tasks & Get All Points : https://docs.divaprotocol.io/guides/diva-app-training

?Go Through All Guides & Complete All Tasks , You Will Be Able To Track All Points You Collected On Dashboard

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