The National Humanities Center

The National Humanities Center

Scholars interested in advanced humanities research, regardless of citizenship or national origin, are encouraged to apply for fellowships at the National Humanities Center. Each year, numerous academics from countries other than the United States join the cohort of Fellows at the Center in North Carolina, contributing to the fellowship program’s rich intellectual and cultural atmosphere.


Applicants must have a degree or other scholarly credentials comparable to a doctorate. Scholars in their mid-career and latter stages of their careers are encouraged to apply. Emerging academics with a solid track record of peer-reviewed work are also encouraged to apply. Revision of doctoral dissertations is not supported by the Center.
Individuals from the scientific and social sciences, the arts, professions, and public life who are involved in humanistic projects are welcome at the Center, in addition to scholars from all departments of the humanities.


If a review at the College level is required, your College will notify you of its early internal deadlines.

How to Make an Application

Applicants for fellowships must fill out an online application and upload the necessary documents:

• a brief bibliography of 1,000 words for a project proposal (up to two pages)
• resume curriculum vitae (up to four pages)
• a one-page rough sketch of the project’s structure (if the project is a book, provide an outline of chapters; otherwise, give an outline of the components of the project and their progress to date)

Three references’ names and contact information will also be requested from applicants.

the contact email is

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