NALDA Recruitment passport upload issue solution

NALDA Recruitment passport upload issue solution

Are you having serious issues trying to upload your passport on the Nalda Volunteer program?

Do not worry because you are not alone and here is the simple solution to that. if you are just getting to know about Nalda recruitment form for 2020 for the first time, click on it to read about the requirements and its application link.

Uploading your passport on the nalda site seems impossible as all passport you post on it seems not work or go through. This has been the issue since the site crashed and came back online.

However, applicants registering for this program are having difficulty uploading their passport during registration.

We are aware that most applicants are submitting the application without uploading passport,we cants say for sure what will happen, but good luck to that.

you can still apply this simple steps to check if that works for you.

NALDA Recruitment passport upload issue solution

To successfully upload your passport on NALDA registration portal, follow the below simple steps;

Step one

  1. Make sure you are using a laptop or a computer (phone is not allowed and can’t do it)
  2. Make sure you have the software called “Paint” it is on all computer.
  3. Scan your passport and resize it to 314px X 235px or using picture manager select E-mail Large (314px X 235px) option and save it.

Step Two

  1. Now head directly to your Browser and fill your forms
  2. Click on the Button for Upload of passport
  3. At this point picture in JPEG format or PNG and your scan picture will not all be seen when you do this or display
  4. Now search all your folders to see any picture that will display, Let’s call the picture that you see “image” it might have any name on your computer. Please do not rename it just leave it like that and follow the next instruction
  5. Now RIGHT CLICK on “Image” and select open with Paint

Step Four

  1. Once you have done that, head back to your scanned resized passport and also RIGHT CLICK on our passport this time and select open with Paint
  2. Once it opens, click “Ctrl + A” – Highlight and then “ – Ctrl + C”- Copy
  3. Then head back to our Image that we earlier opened with paint

Step Five

  1. Paste the Copied Passport in the Image already opened with paint using Ctrl + V
  2. Then immediately click save
  3. Then upload it
  4. And click on submit

you have now successfully uploaded your passport on the NALDA volunteer program.


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