Mistakes JAMB Candidates should avoid

Mistakes JAMB Candidates should avoid

We will dive straight to mistake jamb candidates should avoid making in this year’s jamb examination

1. Some JAMB Candidates did their Reprinting very late and discovered their exam date has passed, so if you are among those who registered for jamb late and you think u can do it reprint anytime, you might receive the greatest shock of your life.

2. Make sure you are familiar with the exam centre. Some arrived at their centre late last year cos they couldn’t locate it on time. So to avoid any mishaps as soon as u have done your reprint, quickly locate the centre. A word is enough for the wise.

3. If there is any mistake in your jamb form pls correct it ASAP. You will not b happy having problems later. E.g emails issue, gender, state e.t.c

4. Make sure you secure a good system to use. If your system is malfunctioning contact the nearest official. Some of u can testify how the system breakdown last year frustrated candidates

5. Don’t go to your centre with useless objects, as in items that will not b useful. Take along only the essentials.

6. Pls dress moderately. Some candidates were harassed last year due to their indecent dressings. They were delayed, so to be on d safer side pls dress decently. You will thank me later.

7. Pls read the instructions again and again. I repeat again and again cos instructions change frequently and a lot of candidates fail to detect it ASAP.

8. Use d computer part you are familiar with. Either the keyboard or mouse. The one you are familiar with.

9. Answer the subject you are good in first, From known to unknown, it boosts your morale. If you can get over 150 from your 2 best subjects you are good to go.

10. Before the exam, ask questions about what you don’t understand. Don’t form big boys and girls

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