Lead City University school fees 2023/2024

Lead City University school fees scheme for the 2022/2023 academic session

Lead City University management and Board have published and released the Lead City University school fees scheme for the 2022/2023 academic session for both New and Returning students of Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs.

This page contains details information on the Undergraduate students both New and Returning, the post-graduate tuition fee, and compulsory fee for new students, returning students, all students, and all graduating students or finalists.

Acceptance fee is compulsory for all new students and must be paid before the due date given after admission had been given. Failure to pay on time may revoke your admission for that session. Late payments attract extra charges, so endeavor to pay on time

For more information on the school, visit www.lcu.edu.ng

Lead City University school fees scheme for the 2023/2024 academic session for Fresh Undergraduate Students Tuition.

Courses offered by the Institute Amount
Civil Engineering ₦650,000
Mechanical Engineering ₦650,000
Information and Communication Engineering ₦650,000
Software Engineering ₦650,000
Electrical Electronic Engineering ₦650,000
Telecommunications Engineering ₦650,000
Computer Engineering ₦650,000
Pharmacy ₦650,000
Optometry ₦650,000
Radiography ₦375,000
Brewing Science ₦650,000
Geosciences ₦650,000
Wood product Engineering ₦650,000
Nursing Science ₦950,000
Biochemistry ₦325,000
Law ₦950,000
Computer Science with Economics ₦650,000
Computer Science with Electronics ₦650,000
Computer and Information Science ₦650,000
Microbiology ₦325,000
Accounting ₦490,000
Business Administration ₦490,000
Economics and Development studies ₦490,000
Politics and International Relations ₦490,000
Public Administration ₦250,000
Mass Communication and Media Technology ₦510,000
Public Health ₦325,000
Medical Laboratory Science ₦650,000
Environmental Management and Toxicology ₦325,000
Science Laboratory Technology ₦325,000
Entrepreneurship ₦310,000
Estate Management ₦325,000
Architecture ₦510,000
Banking and Finance ₦310,000
Criminology and Security Studies ₦310,000
Library and Information Science ₦220,000
English and literary studies ₦310,000
Performing Arts and Culture ₦310,000
Human Anatomy ₦315,000
Physiology ₦315,000
Chemistry ₦315,000
Physics with Electronics ₦315,000
Biology ₦315,000
Marketing ₦310,000
Psychology ₦310,000
Sociology ₦310,000
Education Biology ₦310,000
Education Chemistry ₦310,000
Education Physics ₦310,000
Education English ₦310,000
Education Mathematics ₦310,000
Computer Science Education ₦310,000
Education Economics ₦310,000
Guidance and Counseling ₦310,000
Educational Management ₦310,000
Business Education ₦310,000
Social Studies ₦310,000
Office and Information Management ₦220,000
Human Kinetics and Sports Science ₦250,000
Nutrition and Dietetics ₦250,000
Industrial Relations and Personnel Management ₦250,000
Information Science and Media Studies ₦510,000
Health Information Management ₦250,000
Community Health ₦250,000

Lead City University school fees scheme for the 2022/2023 academic session for Returning Undergraduate Student’s Tuition

Faculty or Department Tuition fee for 2016/2017 set Tuition fee for 2017/2018 set Tuition fee for 2018/2019 set Tuition fee for 2019/2020 set Tuition fee for 2020/2021 set
Social Science 1 – One (Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Politics, and International Relations) N430,000 N430,000 N430,000 N490,000 N490,000
Social Science 2 Two (Entrepreneurship, Banking, and Finance) N250,000 N250,000 N250,000 N310,000 N310,000
Social Science 3 -three (Sociology, Psychology, Criminology, Marketing) N250,000 N150,000 N150,000 N310,000 N310,000
Mass Communication and Information Science and Media Studies N450,000 N450,000 N450,000 N510,000 N510,000
Applied Science and Information Technology. 1 – one (Computer Sciences) N560,000 N560,000 N560,000 N650,000 N650,000
Applied Science and Information Technology 2 – two (Environmental Mgt and Toxicology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Science Lab. Tech., Public Health, Estate Management, Architectural Science) N250,000 N260,000 N260,000 N325,000 N325,000
Applied Science and Information Technology 3 – three (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Human Anatomy, Physiology) N250,000 N250,000 N150,000 N315,000 N315,000
Medical Laboratory Science N375,000 N650,000
Nursing Science N560,000 N560,000 N850,000 N950,000
Architectural Science N260,000 N260,000 N325,000 N510,000
Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Human Kinetics and Sports Science or PHE N100,000 N100,000 N250,000 N250,000
Education N150,000 N150,000 N150,000 N310,000 N310,000
Education(Sandwich Option) N60,000 N100,000 N150,000 N150,000 N150,000
Office Information Management, Library and Information Science N250,000 N100,000 N100,000 N250,000 N220,000
Public Administration N430,000 N430,000 N430,000 N250,000 N250,000
Industrial Relation and Personel Management N250,000 N250,000 N100,000 N250,000 N250,000
Law N550,000 N560,000 N560,000 N850,000 N950,000
Environmental Health Science N200,000 N200,000 N250,000 N250,000
Community Health N250,000 N250,000 N200,000 N250,000 N250,000
Health Information Management N280,500 N200,000 N200,000 N250,000 N250,000
Arts (Performing Art, English and Literary Studies) N100,000 N150,000 N150,000 N310,000 N310,000
Microbiology and or Biochemistry N325,000 N325,000
Access Diploma Programme/JUPEB N250,000 N250,000 N250,000 N250,000 N250,000
2-Year Diploma Programmes N150,000 N150,000 N150,000 N150,000 N150,000



Fees or Payments Description Amount
Medical fee N20,000.00
Internet fee N20,000.00
Development fee N20,000.00
IT Empowerment fee N25,000.00
Entrepreneur study fee N20,000.00
Feeding fee (Per Session) N162,000
STUDY PACK – Compulsory for all Students
Study Material Fee for Information Technology and Applied Sciences N25,000.00
Study Material Fee for Social Sciences and Entrepreneurial Studies N20,000.00
Study Material Fee for Faculty of Education N20,000.00
Study Material Fee for Faculty of Law N25,000.00
Regular Students’ Teaching Practice Exercise for Faculty of Education N20,000.00


Compulsory payments/dues for Finalists
Project Defense fee N21,500
Alumni fee N25,500
Poise fee N5,000
Convocation fee N15,000
IPD CRM fee N10,000


Lead City University Postgraduate Students Tuition fee
PG Diploma (2 Semesters) N230,000
Masters (3 Semesters) N480,000
MBA (3 Semesters) N480,000
M.Phil. (4 Semesters) N510,000
Ph.D. (6 Semesters) N630,000
MBA Executive (3 Semesters) N780,000
DBA (3 Semesters) N1,080,000
Application form N5,000


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