First City Monument Bank Salary

First City Monument Bank Salary

First City Monument Bank usually alluded to as FCMB is ordered under the expression “New Generation Bank” in Nigeria. The bank was set up on the twentieth of April 1982 and work date it has developed to a major part in the Nigerian Banking industry with all-out resources esteemed at US$$3.65 billion (NGN:593.3 billion).

First City Monument Bank (FCMB) is a mainstream bank yet they are known to have not very many branches Nationwide, yet that isn’t to dishonor the bank’s effectiveness and their client-driven methodology, and the worth they put on their Human assets.

First City Monument Bank Salary Structure for various workplaces

First City Monument Bank (FCMB) pay their Graduate Trainees N42,000 monthly in space of the 4 months of preparation, which deals with their transport and taking care of significantly during the instructional meeting

FCMB pay Entry level position 115,000 Naira month to month as their salary after all allowances have been determined.

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