Federal university of petroleum resources school fees for 2023

Federal University of petroleum resources school fees for the 2023 academic session

The Authorities and Board of Federal University of Petroleum Resources have released and published the school fees, acceptance fees and other payable fees for Undergraduate, postgraduate, pre-degree and A’ Level students for the 2023 academic session.

Federal Universities’ school fees compared to state Universities’ school fees and private universities’ school fees, is quite affordable with good quality education by qualified lecturers and professors. Federal Universities also offer great opportunities to students who are hard-working, intelligent and innovative.

This information is for prospective candidates, new students, Returning students, postgraduates or any individual interested in this important piece of information. Below is the school fees scheme for the federal university of petroleum resources for undergraduate students, postgraduate students, Foundation students, pre-degree and Centre for safety education students for the 2023 academic session. For more information on the method of payment and how to pay the fees visit the school’s official website at www.fupre.edu.ng

Federal University of petroleum resources school fees for the 2023 academic session

federal university of petroleum resources Important fees for undergraduate students
Items Fees for new students Fees for returning students
Verification Fees N12,000.00
Registration Fees N5,000.00 N4,000.00
Examination N6,000.00 N5,000.00
Endowment N10,000.00 N10,000.00
I.D Card N1,000.00 N1,000.00
Medical charges N3,000.00 N2,000.00
National Health Insurance (TISHIP) N2,000.00 N2,000.00
Medical Screening N5,000.00
See Sport N5,000.00 N2,000.00
Matriculation N10,000.00
Library N6,000.00 N3,050.00
Caution fee N20,000.00
Laboratory/Workshop Practical Levy N10,000.00 N5,000.00
ICT N5,000.00 N3,000.00
Utility N10,000.00 N10,000.00
Facility maintenance N10,000.00
Total N120,000.00 N47,050.00
federal university of petroleum resources Fees for New or Fresh student
Item Fees in Figures Fees in words
ACCEPTANCE FEE N65,000.00 Sixty-Five Thousand Naira Only
FIELD TRIP N15,000.00 Fifteen Thousand Naira Only (to be paid by the affected students only)
ACCOMMODATION (OPTIONAL) N30,000.00 Thirty Thousand Naira Only
federal university of petroleum resources BASIC STUDIES (PRE-DEGREE) PROGRAMME
School Fees N97,000.00
federal university of petroleum resources FOUNDATION PROGRAMME or A’ LEVEL PROGRAM
School Fees N230,350.00
federal university of petroleum resources POSTGRADUATE DEGREE PROGRAMME
Application form N15,000.00 N15,000.00 N15,000.00
Acceptance Fee N50,000.00 N50,000.00 N50,000.00
SPGS Prospectus N10,000.00 N10,000.00 N10,000.00
Department Registration N5,000.00 N5,000.00 N5,000.00
Tuition N86,250.00 N101,250.00 N123,750.00
Medical Charges N4,000.00 N4,000.00 N4,000.00
Total N170,250.00 N185,250.00 N207,750.00
federal university of petroleum resources OTHER MISCELLANEOUS CHARGES
Graduate and Undergraduate Transcript N10,000.00
Multiple Transcript N7,000.00 per copy
Late Registration of Courses N10,000.00
Sessional Retrospective Course Registration N10,000.00 (to be determined on its merit if a student applies to Senate)
Verification of Result/Certificate (WES/Companies) N10,000.00
Certificate of English Proficiency N5,000.00
Attestation of Studentship N5,000.00
Letter of Recommendation N5,000.00
Intra-University Transfer N10,000.00
Inter-University Transfer N100,000.00
Addition/Deletion of Courses N5,000.00
Convocation Fee N15,000.00
The hiring of Academic Outfit Loss of Academic Outfit
Gown Hood Cap
N5,000.00  N30,000.00 N5,000.00 N5,000.00
Late Return of Academic Outfit N1,000 per day N20,000 after two weeks
federal university of petroleum resources CENTRE FOR SAFETY EDUCATION (CSE)
Tuition Fees N85,500.00 N160,500.00 N280,500.00
Professional Body Registration N20,000.00 N20,000.00 N20,000.00
Student Registration Fees N3,000.00 N6,000.00 N7,000.00
Admission/Acceptance Fees N7,000.00 N10,000.00 N11,000.00
Matriculation Fees N4,000.00 N8,000.00 N10,000.00
Departmental Fees N12,000.00 N16,000.00 N18,000.00
Faculty Fees N15,000.00 N21,000.00 N23,000.00
Caution Fees N3,000.00 N7,000.00 N9,000.00
Health N4,000.00 N6,000.00 N8,000.00
Syllabus N2,000.00 N8,000.00 N10,000.00
Administrative Charges N3,000.00 N9,000.00 N11,000.00
Development Fees N3,000.00 N6,000.00 N8,000.00
Identity Card N1,000.00 N6,000.00 N8,000.00
Library Fees N2,000.00 N6,000.00 N8,000.00
Examination Fees N7,000.00 N11,000.00 N13,000.00
Project Fees N9,000.00 N60,000.00 N70,000.00
Total N180,500.00 N360,500.00 N514,500.00


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 2028871437


Important notice for federal University of petroleum resources students.

  • All new or Fresh students are advised to pay their acceptance fee and other registration fees early online or in any other designated Banks given by the school authority.
  • Late payment of school fees for both New or Fresh students and returning students for the 2021/2022 academic session will attract extra charges and failure to pay the school fees when due could lead to the student’s inability to write or sit for the semester examination or forfeit the admission if such student is a new or Fresh student as stated by the school authority and management. “Federal University of Petroleum Resources Effunrun school fees payment portal would be shut down by management on the due date and students who fail to make payment before the grace period would amount to extra payment or prevention of sitting for semester exam by the university management
  • No student should pay any fees to the staff, all payments are made online or through the designated Bank by the school authority.
  • School fees and Acceptance fees are not refundable

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