Data Technology Support Officer Salaries at Debt Management Office

Data Technology Support Officer Salaries at Debt Management Office, Nigeria

Debt Management Office DMO was set up on the fourth of October 2000 to midway organize the administration of Nigeria’s obligation, which was until now being finished by a horde of foundations in a clumsy design. This diffused obligation the board technique prompted shortcomings.

Outside Finance Department: liable for all Paris Club obligations and for the administration of public obligation insights;

Multilateral Institutions Department: liable for associations with every multilateral establishment (barring the African Development Bank and its auxiliaries like ADF and the NTF, which is taken care of by the ABER Department). It is likewise answerable for overseeing and adjusting multilateral obligations;

Africa and Bilateral Economic Relations (ABER) Department: liable for liaising with the ADB and its auxiliaries, ECOWAS, and all non-Paris Club two-sided banks;

Depository Department (OAGF): liable for giving a command to the CBN for the installment of every single outside obligation;

Unfamiliar Exchange and Trade Relations Department: answerable for giving reconfirmation for installment externalization to the CBN and for recording reimbursement and adjusting of outside obligations;

The normal net compensation for Information Technology Support Officer at Debt Management Agency, Nigeria is ₦126K. Pay assessed from 1 worker

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