Zelle loading Tutorial

Zelle loading Tutorial


  • Zelle log with full info just User and Pwd won’t work
  • Bank account to receive ZellePay money

Before the Zelle can be used, you will be asked to send a code to either the phone number or the Email attached.

Zelle is preferably sent from a Checking account and not Savings

Some banks like BOA and Chase only send code to the phone number attached and not email, so won’t advise those banks for Zelle.


Once you log in, click on Send Money with Zelle


Once you choose to email, a code will be sent to the email

Input the code and click on Verify.

Click on Confirm Account

The account is now set to Send ZellePay money, click on Send Money to start making some money

Click on Add New Contact to add the info of the client/receiver to receive the Zelle money

Input the First name, Last name, Email to receive the money and click on Save

Click on Next

Write the Amount you want to send and click on Review. Zelle Limit is $2,500

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The reason to send Funds is optional, you can leave it blank. Then click on Send.

Payment Sent✅

After the money has to be to client email login to accept the Deposit

Once you login to the email where the Zelle payment was sent, you will receive an email asking you to deposit the money.

Click on Deposit Now

After that, you will be asked to input the account number and routing number of the account you want the Zelle Payment money to be deposited into so you can deposit your client bank info.


After putting in the info, Click on Accept

Transfer has done Successfully.

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