UNIBEN Cut Off Marks 2020/2021

UNIBEN Cut Off Marks 2020/2021 | Departmental & JAMB Cut Off Marks

Today, you and I will quickly talk about a topic of high importance titled “UNIBEN Cut Off Marks 2020/2021| Departmental & JAMB Cut Off Marks”.

This has become necessary as several students and aspirants who put in for the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination for the 2020/2021 academic sessions for UNIBEN have been asking different questions pertaining the departmental and faculty cut off point.

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UNIBEN Cut Off Mark 2020/2021

Am sure by now, you should have understood that there are certain requirements you must meet before you can be considered for admission into the University of Benin to study any course of your choices such as Law, Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy and the likes.

Anyway, one of these requirements includes beating the required departmental and faculty cut off mark for the year in view. However, it is generally advisable to carefully study and score very high above the cut off point/mark to be on the safer side.

What Does Cut off Mark Really Mean?
You want to know what cut off mark means?, don’t worry, I will explain in a way you will understand.

Cut off mark simply means a certain mark which candidates are expected not to score below if they want to be admitted for the particular year in view.

For example, if UNIBEN sets its JAMB cut off mark as 300, then any student who scores below 300 should automatically start thinking of other options.

Generally, in cut off marks, you are expected to score above or get the exact cut off mark but you will agree with me that it is risky hanging on a knife’s edge.

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I hope you now quite understand what cut off mark means right?

UNIBEN Minimum JAMB Score Requirement To Get admitted In 2020

UNIBEN is one of the top tertiary institutions in Nigeria and they try to maintain a certain standard. It is often said that if you cannot improve on the existing standard, keep the standard the way you found it. There is no way UNIBEN will decide to beat their cut off mark down below their minimum cut off mark.

Therefore, if you an aspirant of UNIBEN and you scored 200 and above, then you are in safe hands.

The minimum JAMB score requirement for UNIBEN is 200 and you are expected to beat this cut off mark far above it so that your chances of getting admitted will increase.

This is because no school will want to admit 200 first when there are other students that scored 270 or 300 as the case maybe.

In conclusion, if you want to be on the safe side, try to beat the cut off mark far above the normal cut off mark.

UNIBEN Merit Cut of Mark For Each Faculty

As it stands now, Post UTME is fully back and you can write UNIBEN POST UTME if you pick UNIBEN only as first choice of Institution and as well score at least 200 in the Joint Admission And Matriculation Baord Examination for the year in view.

But generally, if you want to get admitted into the University of Benin without stress, aim to score very high in JAMB as it will increase your chances of getting admitted.

The following are the general merit cut off marks for JAMB to get admitted into the University of Benin for the 13 faculties present.

Social Science……………..Try To Score Up To 250 and Above in JAMB
Management science…….. Endeavor to beat 250 and above for easy admission
Physical sciences…………..For the major courses here 250 and above won’t be bad
School of Medicine and Surgery………..For medicine and surgery endeavor to score up to 300 and above for easy admission processing.
Health Science…………270+
School of Dentistry……….280-300+
Law……..Score above 300 and you will have a sweet admission processing
Engineering………score at least 280-300
Education………..score at least 230, 240, 250, 260+
Arts……….score 250 and above
Agriculture……….score 250+
Administration……..Score 250+
Environmental Science….. 250+
Departmental Cut Off Marks 2020/2021

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Agric economics/extension>50
Animal sciences—>50
Crop science—>50
Forestry and wild life—>50
Soil science—50

UNIBEN Cut Off Marks | ARTS
English and lit. Studies—>63
Theatre arts—>59
Fine and applied arts—>57
Mass communication—>66
Religious studies—>50
Inter. Studies—>65

Medical biochemistry—>57
Medicine and surgery—>77
medical lab sc–>67
physiotherapy –>65
Dentistry 68
Educational departments—>50
Library and Info. Science—>50
Economics education—>50
Business education—>50
Computer education—>50
English education—>50
Political science education—>50
Social science education—>50

Banking and finance—>55
Business administration 60
Marketing 55
Entrepreneur 58
Actuarial science 54

Plant biotechnology 50
Animal and Env. Biology—>50
Microbiology 53
Science lab. Tech. —>51
Industrial chemistry—>50
Industrial physics 50
Computer science 56
Statistics 50
Geology 50
Optometry 59


Eco stat—>62
Geography and regional planning—>50
Political science—>60
Sociology 56
Social works—>51
Public administration 56
Environmental science
Estate management 50
Geometric 50
Quantity survey 50
Architecture 50

Electrical electronic engineering—>71
Mechanical engineering—>73
Petroleum engineering—>64
Chemical engineering—>67
Computer engineering—>67
Civil engineering—>67
Production engineering—>57
Structural engineering—>53

Goodluck !!!

FUTO cut off mark for 2020/2021 academic session

How Does UNIBEN do their Screening?
Yeah, this is the most important question asked by students who passed the marks which I have just placed above for easy admission processing.

UNIBEN screening comes with a whole lot of factors which I have listed here but nonetheless whether there is Post UTME or not, the same holds.

The admission process is done by accessing your JAMB and POST UTME Perfomance for the year in view.

How is this done?

Simply divide your JAMB score by 8 and your POST UTME score by 2. Add the figures together and the following applies

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If you score 50 and above them you are in the safe zone of getting admitted but if reverse is the case and you scored below 50 after adding the aggregate, then you should consider other options such as IJMB or JUPEB where you can get admitted into school without the hurdle of JAMB stress.

For examples, a young boy that scores 300 in JAMB and 80 In Post UTME going for law will calculate his aggregate like schown below and rate his chances of getting admitted for the current academic year.

He first divides 300 by 8 to get 37.5 and then divides 80 by 2 to get 40.

Then he adds both results together and he obtains 77.5. Now for the 2019/2020 academic session, law cut off mark for UNIBEN was 74. By the look of things this lucky and serious young man will get his course without any form of doubt.

I hope you totally understand the concept?. You are welcome.

Documents Needed For UNIBEN Admission Screening 2020/2021

After seeing all of UNIBEN’s departmental cut off marks for the year 2020/2021, the next important question to ask is How UNIBEN do their screening.

Basically, the University of Benin does its admission screening in two phases.

The first phase involves aspirants who applied to study in UNIBEN proceeding for the pre-screening exercise immediately it is being announced.

How To Overcome Post UTME Tension And Pass Without Stress

Usually, during this first phase, only two major documents are needed i.e SSCE Result and JAMB Registration print out.

However, as a note of warning, all candidates are advised to go their pre-screening venues or centers 30 minutes before time to avoid stories that touch the heart.

Finally, the second phase then comes along immediately you have been admitted into UNIBEN to study any choice of course. However, at the second phase, you need to do proper screening and the documents usually needed can be found by clicking here.

That’s the much I can take on the topic titled “UNIBEN Cut Off Marks 2020/2021| Departmental & JAMB Cut Off Marks”.

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