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1. Which of the following organisms is at the tissue level of organization?
A. Volvox
B. Chlamydomonas
C. Euglena
D. Hydra ✔️

2. The product of lipase is _________
A. Fatty acids and glycerol ✔️
B. Peptones
C. Maltose
D. Glucose

3. Nitrosomonas is chemosynthetic since it can convert ammonia to ______
A. Nitrate
B. Nitrites ✔️
C. Nitrogen
D. Carbon dioxide

4. The vegetative part of the fungus consist of closely woven narrow branching thread called _______
A. Mycelium
B. Nuclei
C. Hyphae ✔️
D. Cellulose

5. A tapeworm consist of many flat segments known as ___________
A. Proglottides ✔️
B. Scolex
C. Rostellum
D. Hooks

6. What is the compound noted X and Y in the equation below :
C6H12O6 + X ———-> 6H²O + Y + Energy
A. O² and 2O²
B. H2 and 6CO²
C. 6O² and CO²
D. 6O² and 6CO²✔️

7. C6H12O6 is __________
A. Ethyl pentanol
B. Glycerol
C. Glucose ✔️
D. Ethyne

8. Oxygen combines with hemoglobin to produce ____
A. Oxyhemoglobin ✔️
B. Deoxygenated blood
C. Oeroglobin
D. Oxyeoglobin

9. The respiratory organ found in the cockroach is the __
A. Air sac
B. Trachea ✔️
C. Lung book
D. Gill

10. Anaerobic respiration of yeast in a solution of sugar is known as ___________
A. Reduction
B. Oxidation
C. Fermentation ✔️
D. Decomposition

11. In the adult toad, gaseous exchange takes place through the
A. Buccal cavity, skin, and lungs
B. Gills, skin and buccal cavity ✔️
C. Tympanic membrane, lungs and gills
D. Buccal cavity, bladder and lungs

12. Which of the following is not an excretory product of plants?
A. Tannins
B. Carbon dioxide
C. Resins ✔️
D. Gum

13. Which part of the mammalian skin is directly involved in excretion ?
A. Hail follicle
B. Sweat gland ✔️
C. Sebaceous gland
D. Horny layer

14. Water vapour is lost in plants during transpiration through_____________________
A. Xylem and stomata✔️
B. Stomata and lenticels
C. Parenchyma and lenticels
D. Guard cells and lenticels

15. The hormone insulin is secreted in the
A. Stomach
B. Pancreas ✔️
C. Buccal cavity
D. Anus

16. What is the unit of the nervous system ?
A. Nerve
B. Nephrone
C. Dendrone
D. Neurone ✔️

17. Deficiency of insulin result in ___________
A. Uterus damage
B. Diabetes mellitus ✔️
C. Retarded growth
D. Eye defect

18. _____________induces the production of fruits without fertilization
A. Adrenalin
B. Thyroxine
C. Gibberellin ✔️
D. Progesterone

19. An individual with blood group AB can receive blood from those in blood group (s)
A. AB only
B. A and B only
C. AB and O only
D. A, B , AB and O ✔️

20. Muscles are attached to the bones by
A. Synovial membrane
B. Ligament✔️
C. Connective tissue
D. Cartilages

21. Which of the following parts is not found in the scapula ?
A. Glenoid cavity
B. Spine
C. Coracoid process
D. Condyle ✔️
E. Acromion process

22. Pollen grains are produced in the
A. Pistil
B. Anther✔️
C. Stigma
D. Style

23. The menstrual cycle is controlled by
A. Ovum maturation
B. Copulation
C. Ovulation
D. Gonadotropin and ovarian hormones ✔️

24. What is the function of the prostate and Cowper’s glands of the man’s reproductive organs ?
A. Sperm production
B. Sperm regulation
C. Production of secretions✔️
D. Regulation of the erection of penis

25. Which of the following pathogens causes polio-myelitis ?
A. Bacterium
B. Plasmodium
C. Virus ✔️
D. Trypanosoma

26. The casual organism for coccidiosis is __________
A. Protozoa ✔️
B. Virus
C. Bacteria
D. Nematoda

27. Which of the following reagents is used for the test of starch ?
A. Million’s reagent
B. Fehling’s solution
C. Sudan III
D. Iodine solution ✔️

28. The condition known as cretinism is caused by the deficiency of ___________________
A. Adrenalin
B. Thyroxine ✔️
C. Insulin
D. Vitamin C

* for waec expo*

29. Which sequence represent the correct order of organisms in a food chain ?
1. Toad
2. Mucuna
3. Grasshopper
4. Snake
5. Hawk
A. 5 -> 4 -> 1 ->3 ->2
B. 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 5
C. 2 -> 1 > 3 -> 4 -> 5
D.2 -> 3 -> 1 -> 4 -> 5 ✔️

30. A pair of genes that controls a trait is described as
A. Dominant
B. Recessive
C. Allele ✔️
D. Variant
E. Hybrid

31. Which of the following is not a type of fingerprint ?
A. Compound
B. Arch
C. Simple ✔️
D. Whorl

32. Which of the following is a precise location of the gene ?
A. Chromosome✔️
B. Centrosome
C. Centriole
D. Ribosome

33. How many chromosome are found in the human ovum ?
A. 46
B. 23 ✔️
C. 33
D. 13

34. Amoeba moves by the means of
A. Cilia
B. Flagella
C. Pseudopodia ✔️
D. Chetea

35. The theory of use and disuse of organs was propounded by :
A. Gregor Mendel
B. Charles Darwin
C. Jean Lamarck ✔️
D. Robert Hooke


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