How To Setup & Load Drops in 2021 (USA ONLY)

How To Setup & Load Drops in 2021 (USA ONLY)

1.) Go to your local CVS, Walgreens, or Target and purchase a Prepaid Card. We recommend using Green Dot Load-up or Netspend cards.

2.) Go home and install Linken Sphere Browser. Set your Socks5 Proxy to the same location as the identity of your Fullz. If you’re using a service like NordVPN you can also set the location to the location of your Fullz. Make sure all your cookies are cleared. Once this is done, go to your Prepaid Cards registration site and register the card using the identity of the Fullz you purchased.

For the phone number, enter the number of your burner phone

(Apps like TextNow won’t work, you need a real burner number). This will send the physical card to the Fullz address and let you use the temporary card for nefarious purposes until the other one arrives.

Loading The Card

 Now that your drop is active, you need to load the account. We are going to list some free methods for loading the card. If you aren’t tech-savvy enough to do this yourself you can reach out to

talk to us and we will load your drop f or you. If you attach your new drop to a PayPal, CashApp, or Skrill, we can load it instantly for you. If you don’t have access to these accounts, we can load it as a domestic refund and it will hit your account in 1-3 days. Below are methods you can try yourself.

———————————- PayPal Loading———————————-

a.) Get on your aged or existing PayPal account and attach your new drop to the account. Since your new Prepaid account doubles as a bank account, you can also attach the bank account to your aged PayPal. Request $2000 to a random email with an invoice that says something like “Payment for my Consulting services.”

b.) Clear cookies and set your Socks5 or NordVPN to the location of the live CC that you have. Login to the email you requested money from and select “Pay with Debit or Credit Card.” If you pay, while using Socks5 or a VPN from the cardholder’s location, your payment will go through.

c.) Clear cookies and set your Socks5 or NordVPN back to the location you were at previously. Transfer the money to your Debit Card. Select the option that says “Instantly Transfer” these funds.

——————————– Cash App Loading ——————————–

a.) Set your socks to the same location as the Fullz you purchased. Create a Cash App account via Email and link the Debit Card and Bank Account from your pre-paid to the account. CashApp will prompt you for a light verification meaning you will enter the full name, last four of social, and birthday from the full you purchased.

b.) Clear cookies on your browser/phone and set your socks to the location of the stolen card you have. Log in to an aged Cash App (they sell these on White House Market) or a new Cash App and attach the Debit or CC you have. Have the other Cash App request $750 from this Cash App then pay the balance.

c.) Clear cookies on your browser/phone and set your socks to the location of the original Cash App you made and instantly transfer the funds back to your account. Due to Cash App’s algorithm, wait three hours before doing this again.

3.) Now that your new drop is loaded, it’s time to get the money off of the card. You’re on a clock because when the previous loads you’ve done or had us do, get charged back, your account will be frozen and any remaining funds you have on the card will be gone forever. Generally, you have 3-4 days after the first load to get all the money off your drop. Most cards have $800/day ATM and $3000/day spending limits so you’ll need to get creative. We recommend buying physical Steam Gift Cards. These sell for .99c to the dollar at and you can sell them from Bitcoin. Once you have Bitcoin you can easily convert this to the currency of your choice. We recommend loading your cards several times on the first day, wait for the transfers to hit, then spend the next few days draining the card.

4.) Congrats! You’re done. You’ve loaded your card and gotten all the money off of it before the chargebacks hit. Your drop is officially drained. Now it’s time to go buy another Prepaid Card and repeat this process! We recommend not get greedy in the first few days and start slow. Once you get into the rhythm, you’ll find there are lots of ways to load your drops and spend the money quickly. We’ve had users report to us that they buy fake documents and use them to activate their Fullz on a bitcoin exchange. Once verified, you can use your drop to directly buy bitcoin from the drop.


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