How To Hack a Facebook Account

How To Hack a Facebook Account

Do you want to know what’s going on in your friend’s Facebook account, are you suspecting your partner or you feel cheated upon by a business partner, and you want to know what’s happening? Do you want to know how to hack a Facebook account to achieve this? The scariest part is that as we get more relaxed with development in technology, we actually become more susceptible to hacking.

Three convenient methods on how to hack a Facebook account will be discussed in the article. Please note that this is for educational purposes and not for fraudulent activity. This will also teach you how to protect your Facebook account.

Three Trusted friends recovery method

This method is the most efficient way to hack a Facebook account. Research proves that Facebook accounts are highly prone to hacking via three trusted friends recovery methods.

How do you do this? You will create three Facebook accounts that you know your victim will identify as friends. Be sure enough to make this Facebook account look as original as possible, so your friend won’t be suspicious, and be able to accept the friend’s request.

Once your victim has accepted the friend’s request, work begins. You want to login to your victim’s account but you don’t have a password, what do you do? Follow these steps.

  • Click on forgotten password, Facebook will ask for recovery means, which will be via Gmail.
  • Click on you no longer have access to Gmail, Facebook will ask you to input a link to three friends to be sure you own the account, quickly drop the link of those fake accounts that you created.
  • Facebook will then send the reset password to any of the fake accounts you created. Easily you will be able to log in. However, make sure that when you are doing this, your victim is not online, cause Facebook will send an email to him or her, that someone is trying to reset the password.

lesson: Do not accept friend requests from people you are not sure of their identity.

Use a Keylogger

Here is another means you can use to hack a Facebook, with this method, you will need to install software called a keylogger on your victim’s device. What will this software do? This software will collect all the login info on your victim’s phone, including Gmail, Twitter, and Facebook, and send it to you.

Now that you know the usefulness of a keylogger, bear in mind that installing it on someone’s system is a great way to get yourself dumped, fired, or prosecuted, depending on your situation. So for this reason, let your intention for installing it, be for security purposes only. There are three types of keylogger, you can use to accomplish your mission. Use with caution.

Spyrix Free Keylogger

Once you installed this Keylogger on your victim’s device, you will have to set it up. When setting it up, set up your Gmail, as the account you want to receive all the details and Infos going on in the system. To make your work perfect, install a vault on the system to hide this software, so your victim won’t suspect anything, download the keylogger here

Revealer Keylogger

This software has a free version and also a premium version. The premium version comes with a lot of advantages which you will love, it includes

  • Record voice calls and sends them to you.
  • Monitor and record WhatsApp chat and send it to you.
  • Saves all password on the phone and send to you.

The premium version is $12 for 12months. Download here


This is the most recommended and preferred keylogger you should use, wonder why? It’s safe to use, and hard to detect. This Keylogger won’t display on your system, neither will anyone know there is hacking software on the system.

But this software requires a physical effort, to install and reap your effort. Copy this software on your flash drive, then you unzip the keylogger content on your victim’s system, run the “Infect.bat” app to install it. There you go!

Every info and activity that goes on the system, will be automatically saved to the app, without your victim being able to notice anything. When you are ready to get all the Infos, you go to the system, run the CollectData.bat, large files of everything that has taken place, will be automatically copied to your flash drive. Download now.

Lesson: Be careful of who you allow accessing your computer system.

Use Hypercracker

Hypercracker is a free online tool, you can use to hack a Facebook account. However, before you will be able to carry out this mission, you need to ensure you have the person as friends, and the person doesn’t use two-factor authentication. Once this is ensured, you are set.

Copy your victim’s profile URL, to your clipboard. Go to, paste the URL into the space provided on the site, you will be asked to complete some tasks. Kindly do it, within some hours of successful completion of the task, the password will be sent to you.

Lesson: Protect your account by using two factors authentication.

How to hack a Facebook account is quite easy with the advancement of technology, however, we believe you are learning this for safety purposes only.


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