How to get cryptocurrency airdrop

How to get cryptocurrency airdrop

Here are a few guidelines that can help you get cryptocurrency airdrops for new projects.

every new project or tone out there must have done airdrops for its first users, and all you need for this is an active Twitter account to monitor new projects who announce when and how their airdrop will be. follow all airdrop pages and monitor their retweets and mentions.


1. You need to be fast and be in a good service area. These are the steps and all that you need for entry.

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2. When a link is dropped on Twitter or telegram by the projects, the next thing is to join the telegram group and follow the Twitter account, after that always read the pinned chat there to get some information about the project.
*NOTE: Always read pinned chat*

3. After joining, it varies after joining ( some groups might ask you to send their invite link to crypto groups and take screenshots because you will upload it on the form

4. There group might decide to give their airdrops at each stage, e.g stage 1: when we reach 500 members( we will pick fast 200 entries). Stage 2: 2500 members and pick 200 fast entries and correct one. It is very fast, within 30 seconds 390 might have filled form and they want 200

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5. All that you will need for or on the forms are ” your email address, your telegram username(@loveth), your ETH Address,(0xbbbbwj) Trc-20 Address(Trbnhhnsj), BEP20 Address (oxbbbwj), your Twitter username(@abshnn) screenshot, the calculation might come so solve it 😂😊, they might ask for total supply in the question form, they might ask you for the sign for the project. *NOTE: Always make a retweet, tag three friends, and copy your retweet link*


also, be super fast because some forms open and close in a few minutes, you have to pin your wallet address on your keyboard so as to help you speed up.

Apps you will be using Trust wallet, TronLink Pro, MetaMask wallet…

The address you will need: ERC-20 / BEP-20 Trc-20 / TRC-21

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