The only tools you need here Are

  • 2good phones (they must not have any screen break or scratch)
  • An MX PLAYER downloaded and install on your phone
  • An insta saver to save the video of the person you pretend to be on IG,

Then we are all set

Then after downloading your Mx player, pls note Mx player will not function well on iPhones
So pls use androids so that you won’t get caught

So these are the settings needed on your MX player

  • On your MX player
  • Go to the 3 vertical icons on the upper right of your phone
  • Then click settings
  • Then under the settings
  • Click loop
  • The reason why were looping is to slow down the video
  • The more you want it to slow the more you look
  • Then by now
  • Send the video to your friend’s phone or your second phone gangan
  • Then you reduce the playback speed to about 25 or 30%
  • Then is basically what looping means
  • Then when you’re ready make sure you lock the video screen
  • So that the icon on the video screen will not show
  • So that your package no go cast

And make sure the volume is off
I’m saying again
Make sure you mute the video

That’s why it’s called fake video call
This has been used and tested and trusted
So next thing
You pick up the working phone gangan that you’re using to chat up your client
Before you do that you might go to WhatsApp and video call one of your friends first to test run it on him instead of using ur client direct

So pick up your working phone
Play the video on your second phone
Pls remember the settings and remember to lock your video screen so as to hide all icons on the screen

Then vertically put your friend phone on the table the one that’s playing the video
Then pick up your working phone, call your client then place your working phone on top of your friend’s phone
Making sure they rhyme vertically pls make sure u place your working phone is on top of your friends’ phone after you open the cam

Pls make sure the video is playing
And after you loop the video
The video will begin to act like there’s a network failure
This fake video call is very useful to people doing military
Then after that, you allow the video to play for just 3secs is okay
It’s just for your client to see your face and that’s all
Just tell him/her that your service is very bad that’s why you cut the video call, and your commander must not catch you doing this or you will face a trial


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