Conversations and phone messages

Conversations and phone messages.

Mrs. Lewinsky testified that she and the president “enjoyed talking to each other and being with each other.
In Her recollection, “we would tell jokes. We would talk about our childhoods. Talks about current events. I was always giving him stupid ideas about what i thought i should be done in the administrationor fied that, In her understanding, “the President would talk about his childhood and growing up, and Mrs Lewinsky would relay stories about her childhood and growing up.


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I guess normal conversations that you would have with someone that you are getting to know”.
The Longer Conversations often occured after sexual contact. Ms. lewinsky testeifed: ” when i was working there at the white house… We’d start in the back in or near the private study and we’d usually end up kind of the pillow talk of it, i guess when they were not sexually intimate, they talked in Oval office or in the area of the study.
Along with face-to-face meetings, according to Ms. Lewinsky, she spoke on the telephone with the president approximately 50 times, often after 10 p.m and sometimes well after midnight.
The President placed the calls himself or during working hours, had his secretary, betty currie, do so; Ms Lewinsky could not telephone him directly though the sometimes reached him throught Ms. Currie.
Their Telephone conversation were on the phone talking similar to what the White house and the president had phone with the other gender after phone with other gender late one night, the prsesident fell asleep mid-conversation.


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on four occasions, the president left very brief messages on Ms Lewinsky’s answering machine, though he told her that he did not like doing so because(in her recollection) he ‘felt it was a little unsafe. She saved his messages and played the tapes for several confidants, who said they beliieved that the voice was the president.
By phone and in person, according to Ms. Lewinsky , she and the president sometimes had arguement. On a number if occasion in 1997, she complained that he had not brought her back from the pentagon to work to work in the white house, as he had promised to do after the election.

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